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Watch the video until the end to find out how to access the Selmer #607 School. If the video stutters, click on it to pause it, and wait a few moments before clicking it again to resume playback.

Are you in one of These situations?


Red Cross-Selmer-607-School You play gypsy jazz, you already know the basics of this genre but you struggle to develop a personal way of playing.

Red Cross-Selmer-607-School You would like to understand how the great guitarists play with so much technique, musicality and ease.

Red Cross-Selmer-607-School You would like to master all the techniques in order to progress and succeed in improvising. Playing "la pompe", mastering complex chords and above all, having fun without being blocked by difficulties and feeling like you will never get there.

Red Cross-Selmer-607-School You probably think gypsy jazz is reserved to an elite that holds a secret which you have not yet discovered. Maybe you work really hard at the guitar to try to progress but you feel like you're going round and round in circles and not moving forward.

Red Cross-Selmer-607-School Most of the methods and courses are based on transcripts and theory , but that doesn't really explain the basis of things.

Red Cross-Selmer-607-School How do we link all these concepts and your personal styleHow can you feel comfortable improvisingHow can you develop your technique to master the guitar and succeed in playing an array of gypsy jazz that intimidates you so much?

Red Cross-Selmer-607-School You feel faced with a brick wall.

Imagine if you could acquire all the knowledge of the best guitarists of this style..

It would be Crazy Insane Titanic !





THE Selmer #607 School :

A new concept

  Imagine if you could learn gypsy jazz guitar in close contact with the best guitarists of this style and discover all the facets of their game. Understand how they learned the guitar and how they work on it. Know their way of approaching the instrument, their vision when improvising, their go-to exercises and all their secrets, which have allowed them to reach a musical level of exceptional..

We have identified all the things that may block you to offer you EDUCATIONAL CONTENT that will get you out of this situation through the Selmer #607 School ! The New Online School to learn the guitar with the elite of gypsy Jazz.

In a casual atmosphere, with interviews, anecdotes and master-classes, you’ll learn everything on the playing of Adrien Moignard , Sébastien Giniaux , Rocky Gresset , Noé Reinhardt And Antoine Boyer .

You will also learn to master rigorously the subtleties of "la pompe”, (The rhythm pair guitar/double bass) with Ghali Hadefi , David Gastine and Jeremiah Arrange!

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A different educational approach

You will discover how each soloist approaches the instrument and a new way of understanding music.

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An immersion in the musicians' lives

You will discover the personal world of each guitarist, their way of life and their musical journey from the beginning.

Selmer Gypsy Jazz Guitar
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Complete learning

Each soloist of the Selmer #607 collective will reveal all their secrets: from improvisation, rhythm, licks, chords, technique...

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All the secrets of the Great guitarists

Find out what's going on in the minds and therefore the fingers of the best soloists of gypsy jazz.

Headband Selmer 607 School The gypsy jazz soloists

 Content Educational

Very complete

The Soloists

For each soloist, you will have access to different chapters: a very rich interview on their course, "la pompe", the technique, the theory, the improvisation, the rhythm, the plans, the scales, the arpeggios and the chords.

For each chapter you will find about 10 Videos in which they will explain and transfer their vision on each of the aspects of the gypsy jazz guitar with many examples to illustrate their advice.

Each soloist has also recorded a dozen pieces on video among the greatest standards of gypsy jazz. This therefore represents approximately 50 Unreleased Pieces ! These videos filmed in MultiCam with different angles and close-ups will allow you to observe their technique, their right hand, their left hand and listening to good music will inspire you for your own playing.

In total, all this represents Between 4 and 6 hours of video lessons per soloist.

To accompany these videos, you will be able to download a PDF file with all the transcripts of the exercises and examples as well as 5 Complete piece Readings in note form and tab form.

Guitar Lessons with Adrien Moignard
Vignette Jazz Guitar lessons with Rocky Gresset
Vignette Jazz Guitar lessons with Noé Reinhardt
Vignette Jazz Guitar lessons with Sébastien Giniaux
Gypsy Rhythm Jazz Guitar Course Selmer 607

the rhythmic lessons section

A complete chapter is dedicated to the accompaniment with the members of the Rhythmic section of the project Selmer #607.

For starters, you will get 30 Audio/Video playbacks On the greatest standards of gypsy jazz with all the chord grids.

David Gastine and Jim Deal Will tell you about their career as a musician specializing in coaching. They will give you lots of little tricks to become a good accompanist.

You will have access to a full course of 7 chapters (more than 3 hours of video) where Ghali Hadefi will explain all the subtleties of Rhythm In gypsy jazz guitar. The famous "pompe" characteristic of this style of music..

In this chapter you will also discover a bonus module with an interview with the great lute Laurent Legoff who will talk to you about Selmer Guitars and will give you guidance in choosing a gypsy jazz guitar.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar lessons Playback Selmer 607 School
Rhythmic Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons Ghali Hadefi
Jazz Gypsy Rhythmic Interview David Gastine

 a video player

100% Adapted To Learning

To allow you to extract the maximum of all the knowledge and examples of the soloists through the videos, you will have access to our Modern and high performing video player In which you will find all the options necessary to facilitate your learning. Among the many options available, you can for example:

– Adapt the Reading speed From X 0.25 to X2 with a precise setting of 0.1 in 0.1

- Loop a passage from a video

Repeat the video

Optimize quality of the video

– Activate Subtitles

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Video player buckle and idle guitar lessons


Selmer Video Shadow 607

For our friends who do not speak French we have come prepared: All videos are available with English subtitles.



You will also have access to many bonuses like photos of studio soloists, backstage photos, photos of the mythical guitar, The Selmer #607, playbacks from the last album, The Selmer integral #607 (Volume 1, 2 and 3) mp3 download...


 A different type of education

To understand the Background of Things

In the Selmer #607 School, we took the approach of doing something different. The goal is not to give you tons of unplayable chorus and not being able to understand. We really want you to be able to understand the basis of things In order to develop your own musicality.

What better way to find out the course and all the learning steps that have taken.

On the other hand, if you were thinking of clicking between videos from the comfort of your couch and becoming a guitar genius in a few weeks, then this school may not be made for you.

There is no magic wand to turn you into Django Reinhardt unfortunately...

The soloists will give you leads that you will have to dig at yourself. You will need to have a minimum of rigour and curiosity to implement their advice.

We have everything planned, you will still have exercises, examples and readings of pieces in Tablatures and sheet music.

Private Site Selmer 607 School

The complete 

Everything you'll Find In the Selmer #607 School

You can Download the full program below:

Download the full program

(Right click = Save link Target as...)

 27h Of video lessons

By joining the Selmer #607 School, you will have access to More 27h Videos, interviews, all the educational chapters ("la pompe", technique, theory, improvisation, rhythm, plans, scales, arpeggios and chords), You'll have access to playbacks, The rhythmic section, bonuses, PDF's music sheets and tablaturesrewriting tabs and getting everything organised. We also have a whole team of people behind this project (translator, webmaster, video editors, graphic designers) complete extracts of pieces Complete and many other things. The list is long...

Most of these musicians these musicians do not give classes would never give lessons or very rarely. So this is an exceptional opportunity that we are offering you.

You can discover all the secrets behind how they play crazy, insane, titanic !!

With a little luck, the average price of one hour of tuition with one of these musicians would cost you about €40 or even more. For A one on one lesson with these musicians would cost at the vers least 40€, so for 27 hours of lessons, you would need to invest more than 1080€ More than €1080, not to mention the transcripts. Just for the pieces for example, there have been more than 300 hours of work To pick up and write in partition and tablature format! We also have a small team that accompanies us behind this beautiful project (translator, webmaster, transcriber, video editor, graphic Designer...) in order to offer you courses and to give you a learning platform with the up-most quality and satisfaction

To make their knowledge accessible to as many as possible, you will be able to access their a much more advantageous rate !

To make their knowledge accessible to the most people possible, Many hours of classes With these famous soloists and it comes back to you we have made it much cheaper than a one on one lesson. Hardly the price of a set of strings or a pizza per hour of course 🙂

Imagine if Adrien Moignard and Sébastien Giniaux offered to spend 1h face to face for a one on one course in exchange for a pizza. What would you say to him?



Money-back guarantee

We have worked for almost 2 years to create this school. From the creation of the Educational program until the final finishing touches.. We are very proud to be able to offer you a content that is this complete.We created this online guitar school for you and we really want you to be 100% satisfied.

If after joining the Selmer #607 School, you are not satisfied with the content or you realize that it is not adapted to your expectations, we take full responsibility. You have 30 days to test the online school, watch the videos and if you are not satisfied you will be fully reimbursed.

So you're not taking any risks!

If you are still hesitating, sign up and look at all the content. You will be able to learn the things proposed for one month and then make the decision to continue or stop if it is not right for you. You have 30 days to change your mind.

So you'll be sure you made the right choice and you will have no regrets.

Do you know a lot of guitar teachers who would give you classes and then reimburse you if you were not satisfied? No, it doesn't exist, and yet this is what we offer! We do this because we are so convinced of the quality of the courses and we know that you will not be disappointed !

Unlimited Lifetime access

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Direct access after the order to the Selmer #607 School

Unlimited Lifetime access

Most advantageous package


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Direct access after the order to the Selmer #607 School

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Soloist on the menu

You wish to access the courses of a single soloist? It's possible!


Access courses on the map

Access courses on the map

100% secure payment



The private site of the

Selmer #607 School

As soon as you have finished your registration, you will receive an email immediately with your access codes that will allow you to log on to the private site of the Selmer #607 School. You will then have access to all this crazy, insane, titanic content!

Your Access is Valid for Life, no time limit.

The site is accessible from anywhere in the world on the phone, tablet and computer. You just need an Internet connection.

The videos are available in streaming meaning you can watch them as many times as you want but they are not downloadable.

Tens de Guitarists


"An original, generous and close approach, both technical and psychological"

Very good content.

The sequences, even if they address a specific aspect, are treated in a "holistic" way, and make it possible to better understand how the different elements of the game are conceived from a "psychological" point of view and articulate in the game of each musician.

The principle of broken discussions seems to me both more original than what is generally found elsewhere and, also, more natural and therefore more in keeping with the spirit of this music.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Not suitable for a beginner but rather someone who would like to pass a course. I would say to him: embark on this ship, they are good captains

Testimony of Jean-Sébastien M.


The content is very varied. It is aimed however at guitarists already having a good theoretical background what suits me. I like the intimate side of the videos where you learn to know the musicians.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Go ahead, guys are pros, you won't regret it!

Testimony of Stéphane B.

"A different approach to what already exists on the net, and that goes straight to the point"

It is very well done, we know where we go and what we will listen because the site is very convenient. I like this project from the first disc. It is even almost regrettable to have waited until the 3rd to create this titanic site in terms of information and content. This is also why I took the subscription, to make live this project that must continue to exist!

My knowledge in harmony allows me to understand everything that is said, but not for a beginner. I would recommend this site, because even the anecdotes will make the most experienced smile, not to mention the humour of Ghali 😉

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Here you will find an anthology, what I say, a mountain of information. This will allow us to move forward in great steps when we lack inspiration! Technical level A lot of work too that will put your right hand to hard test!!

Testimony of Bruno J.

"You are the undeniable CHAMPIONS of online courses!!!"

You have stretched my ear, done your research, pressed the subject, and... Fulfilled my dream of always!!!

I can only congratulate you on your availability, your perseverance, your efficiency, and especially your dedication in order to satisfy our needs, we, sorcerers apprentices, wishing to finally be able to play some morçeaux of Gypsy Jazz in order to spread Joy in our audience... Music!!!

Once again... Thank you!!!

Testimony of Ramy G.

«A Great way of gaining insights into the «Parisian» style of Gypsy Jazz»

Generally, it is great, it's like having a private lessons. Of Course one would wish that Rocky and Noah would have been a bit more talkative:)... But, nevertheless it is great to see them respond to your questions.

I did not want one more site presenting super-difficult solos and transcripts of them, but a school that taught the principles of playing jazz gypsy – and that is in my view what the Selmer 607 school does.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Don't... Hesitate!

Testimony of Richard P.

"Good initiative with vendor content"

The approach is interesting because the gypsy is like flamenco (of which I am guitarist) an oral transmission. The experiences of guitarists and their way of approaching things bring us closer to them. The questions posed by the "senior professor" are judicious and relevant. Bravo for the process we must continue!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Whatever your level or style of music there is a lot to learn from guitarists of this style.

Testimony of Paul B.

"Great to be able to discover all these great musicians with lots of useful tips, anecdotes, always in good mood and the desire to share"

The +:

-Stunning unreleased solos of mastery guitar and inspiration with slow motion to unravel the type of play of each soloist

-Chord dictionaries and harmonic enrichments for improvisation, this is top to enrich his game and his vision of the handle

-The real human discovery/guitar of the different soloists through the questions on their respective courses is a treasure of teachings. It also allows you to feel with which guitarist (s) you feel the closest.

-a desire to get to the bottom of things and touch the essence of each guitarist: his vision of guitar, music, his way of thinking...

-The quality of sound and videos, really TOP.

The –: I would not have much to say except that I have many things to work! This training really pushes up in a good sense of the word. Ah if can be a small downside regarding pedagogy with Antoine Boyer , who may not (and is normal) maturity to transmit all his knowledge... It is his intuitive approach to the handle that also induces this... I have a little bit of that kind of approach, so here, each one's way of thinking things... It is to be taken in hindsight, and it is not a severe criticism of course. But thanks for all the content, it's still super rich and interesting!

The architecture of the site is nickel. The sound and video quality is flawless according to me, so bravo!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

It is a training with great guitarists, but all affordable humanly speaking in videos with the complicity of Ghali Hadefi ! This demystifies some things (even if it also makes you realize the work and the level guitar at stake!). Each video is exciting, whether in terms of the history of each musician, this music, the harmony, the specific aspects of the guitar, the technical work... There is always something that is proposed to work, the idea being in my opinion (and it seems to me in the spirit of this training) to appropriate these musical ideas to make it its own world.

Testimony of Gaël C.

"Thank you very much!!!"

I just wanted to tell you once again what a wonderful job you have done and still do with that exquisite project! Every time that I watch the clips and that I listen to the interviews and the music, I feel really grateful to you. Everything is done with so much intelligence, curiosity, interesting questions and the artists appear so very like and competent, it is almost unbelievable!

Thank you very much!!!

Testimony of Michael K.

Good site and great info... Very entertaining

Keep up the good work! And thanks. It is also good value!

Testimony of Terry W.

Authentic. A close-up on the techniques and in the head of these guitarists. »

The explanations are very interesting because the person who poses them is close to them. The questions are therefore accurate and the answers relevant. For me, there is nothing missing...

The rest must be done in personal work, in search of his own sound and his own words in the solos, without wanting to copy but taking inspiration from the path travelled by these guitarists to develop something personal. The pedagogical content is very good.

On the other hand, I do not know if beginners guitarists are well aware of the way to go and the time to invest to move forward in a meaningful way. It looks too easy, sometimes 😉

We learn a lot of things just by listening to them talk about how they see their way of playing.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

There, we really learn useful things, real tools!

Testimony of Vincent R.

"Just great. You did a great job with this school. It makes you feel closer to the music and the style. »

I really like the personal touch and the way you built up the chapters. Quality of the Videos is excellent!

Keep up the good work and the wonderful music you are playing.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Go for it! It makes you understand and feel Gypsy-Swing way better!

Testimony of Michael M.

"Bravo for this transmission work"

Overall it's really a great job you're doing there. I particularly appreciate the sequencing of videos with an identical frame. I like the nice interwiews that confirm the modesty and humour of great artists.  I learn a lot about sound too and I find many questions to my answers. That is very informative. The shots are of quality and the angles well chosen to see the chords well.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?
Go to the bottom.... But "Step by step" because there's work! We see the evolutions and the gain: it is undeniable. It's really worth investing

Testimony of François S.

"Just great!"

Everything is perfect in my opinion. This online school is exactly what I've been waiting for so long, like "everything you ever wanted to know without ever daring to ask." The different approaches are really very interesting.
Some are more difficult to explain so it is natural for them, but it does not remove anything from the quality of what they share. After that, you just have to find your own way, put it all into practice and play a maximum. Honestly, the price is justified (considering the gold mine of information found there)

Bravo to all, really, and especially thank you for having this idea of genius!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Do not hesitate for a single second, the Selmer #607 School Provided the keys that allow to grasp the style at best, thanks to the competition of five virtuosos of the Gypsy swing, five different approaches, but generous and rich in sharing and teaching.

Testimony of Eric P.

"The crème de la crème of the young Wolves of the gypsy Guitar"

It is the cavern of Ali Baba of the gypsy guitar. The level is very high, it is normal, but in fact one can always learn plans and full of ideas by simplifying or playing them more slowly.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

What are you waiting for???? For the price of a few courses you have a working life with the best players of the moment!!!

Testimony of Jean-Pierre S.

«Quality audios/videos, exceptional and fun musicians. Diverse and rewarding approaches '

I think the content is very good. It is particularly interesting to have different approaches by different musicians by approaching the same points. The videos are very good quality. The formatting, the site, are pleasant. It's clear and it doesn't sting your eyes ^^

Thanks again to the musicians for giving their time, their tricks, their impressions, their anecdotes... And thanks to Ghali and Clément for bringing them together and for having the idea of this less ' academic ' approach.


What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Not to hesitate

Testimony of Yannick B.

"Very nice, very diversified, lots of talk but very motivating"

So many guitarists, so many different styles, better is not possible. Everyone has to find their way but the path of the stars is very interesting.

Testimony of Pierre P.

"A gold mine for jazz gypsy Guitar Players"

You can find thousands of others pages, Pdf's. ebooks, etc with all the theory you need to play. But for me, there is nothing more valuable than hearing what is going on inside the head of these masters when they are playing.

Clean and easy. Nice site and videos. Good quality. Nothing to change.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Don't think twice.

Testimony of David C.

"There is the idea... »

The topics discussed (right hand technique, attack, phrasing,...) are top: In fact the titles are very well chosen. You have clearly identified the key points that make the discipline of the artist!

Testimony of Manu E.

"One regret: that it took so much to wait to benefit from the school!"

The presentations are very nice. Without getting too into the intimacy of the great masters, the small anecdotes tell us a lot about the paths that led them to this level. And then there is this little something of modesty and simplicity in their testimony. And finally there is humour, good humour... I love it.

In this context the explanations pass well especially on the basis of short sequences. Do not, in my opinion, touch This format: it is top in nature exercises and time by video.

The explanations are clear but it is necessary to be initiated nonetheless. I think some members have to paddle before they understand... So the comments are indispensable; And there I have to say that it is well built.

The construction of the contents is super coherent. If there is one lesson to remember, it is that there is not a single approach to instrument and music. See how "Each of the greats" apprehends her in his head. There is no recipe... There is the spirit (I think moreover to romane who paved the way with others of course in terms of pedagogy and talent that goes with).

What to say if not congratulate you for your commitment. It's nice what you all do to perpetuate, transmit music that a few years ago was looping in the big areas without anyone paying attention. I just want to thank you. Bravo!!!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

The investment is worth the effort!

Testimony of François S.

"A satisfactory formula for approaching a musical genre through the meeting of its interpreters, and the contribution of their knowledge in the matter"

Overall satisfied. A certain level of guitar is still necessary (mastery of scales, arpeggios...)

I was almost beginner in the matter of Gypsy or jazz guitar, novice in improvisation and limited to the basic agreements accompanying; The videos of Clément Reboul started by "Me", these are a good complement, therefore deepening the vision of each interpreter is important.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for this work, which also makes it possible to make acquaintances of fabulous performers.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Do not hesitate, work the basics and plan for time because it passes quickly in good company.

Testimony of François F.

«A superb project, both on the side of the realization, and the pedagogical content. Happy to have these 5 guitarists in a click in his living room and what's more, in New Caledonia... »

The pedagogical content chosen is quite broad; To see everyone's approach, is super rewarding. They all have an incredible level, confirming that the aliens exist... Ah, ah, ah.

Special dedication to Ghali for his human approach and, musician... I hope one day to meet you, just to discuss our common passion... and Bravo Clément for the technical video part...

Thank you all for this beautiful project!!!!!! Nice work... Nothing to add

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Go ahead, my stupid...

Testimony of Morgan P.

"Really good stuff"

Thanks to a friend that sent me a link with the info of the school!!

The videos are simply fantastic! I love the way and quality they are filmed and the material covered.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

I would recommend to join the School!

Testimony of José-Antonio D.

"The project is great!" The content is very interesting, anyway with the musicians of Selmer 607 as an educator, this could only be excellent! »

The project is very interesting! All aspects of the guitar are approached with the quality of the artists we know! 
It is very pleasing to have them the space of a few hours as teacher/pedagogue give us a course at home (in the south of France concerning me!), learn new thing about Gypsy jazz too! And the knowledge is infinite, it's a fountain of knowledge for lambda guitarists like me!  Each to the specifics of styles we know them and they are all a bit of the monuments of gypsy jazz.

Hat to Ghali and Clement for videos, editing, choice of subjects guitar, musical, harmony and questions of very good quality. Congratulations also on the choice of topics! 
Personally, Ghali asks a lot of questions to the artists I ask myself, it's great... I understand quite well what is being explained.

I do not know what else to say without developing much more on specific points, but overall it is very well 19/20 XD.

Big thanks to the artists, technicians, accompanying musicians, website managers, Clément, Ghali and those we don't see! Your Selmer 607 School is at the top... It's great, the hardest thing is to find time to make the guitar, because there is one of the best learning content I've seen... 


What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?
Go ahead! Take the purchase and unlimited access, if you have time to make the guitar this year! 
Prepared yourself a good little coffee, adjust your guitar, takes a note block or PDFs, a good headphones Sennheisser or other and work on this content, it is excellent!
In addition the small parts humor are top, we laugh well too. So, seen from behind a PC the content is far from being remotely cold (in relation to a lambda masterclass or "Lesson of a Celebrity" on DVD), it feels like sharing a moment with you, as when you come you talk at the end of a concert in a bar! It's like Ghali would say. Xd

Testimony of Hugo T.

"Very well done!!!!"

The whole is very well designed, very clear explanations and very nice speakers!!! The presenter is very professional! I rejoiced at the idea of getting acquainted with these famous musicians! And I learned a lot of things already!!! Thank you!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Do not hesitate! You're making a big mistake. Testimony of Michael K.

"Genial shock team"

It's all there: a cohesive team.... remarkable pedagogy... A suitable method and teaching...

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

MOTIVATION is the word master

Testimony of Serge C.

"To my knowledge, the most comprehensive pedagogical project in French, dealing with gypsy jazz."

The approach of the genre through the itinerary and the practice of different musicians is interesting, well structured and driven. Ghali manages very well by pushing each musician to explain himself, example to support. This depends, of course, on the musician he has in front of him: with a. Moignard That goes without saying, with a. Boyer It's a bit more laborious.

The formatting is clear and pedagogical. Make your project evolve and continue!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Instead of reading the destitute comments on the forums, try and judge for yourself.

Testimony of Henri T.

"Very good support for progress"

Tricks such as the exercises of each to train, the dictionary of Agreement of Rocky Gresset , Arpeggios and scales of Adrien Moignard . Setting up the idle videos just great. The site is very well designed.

I didn't think I could find such an online pedagogy, it's perfect. Just thank you!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?


Testimonial from Fabienne G.

"Fantastic, love you guys!"

Thirst, Ghali, I find a really good and sympathic host for the content, he really feels and seems to know, that what, people, playing this kind of music, wants to know, without making it complicated or confusing. And He is a really great rhythm player. It ´ s All about the French scene and his most incredible players, and not to much compared, with traditional Django playing, like the Gypsys. Wich is uncredable also, but to dogmatic for us who likes a more modern style of playing, with be-bop influences. And that is I am looking for, exciting harmonies and of course melodies.

I followed all you guys from the beginning as kids, the great memories from the sessions in Samois. I saw a generation of incredible talented players grow, with such creativity and motivation. So young and so! Good.

Yes I was there when Sebastien, Adrien, were playing nights on the campsite in Samois. Cyryll singing. The nervous reaction from Adrien (I think it was about 2007) that a guy with a the name Rocky is coming, who is the best of All. It was so exiting. You know we had some nicknames for you, we called you "the Aliens" because it was impossible to follow the freshness an creativity in playing with such groove and loosness and SPEED. It seemed not to be from this world. Just impossible. For me, and still is my personal favorit, Sebastien, We called him "Ghost", because he plays with a lot of humor too and without bounderies, yes humor belongs into music (Frank Zappa). Sebastien made me understand there are no wrong notes in music, as long you solve it, that ´ s Jazz. But Adrien has the most beautifull tone (with some dirt, how the hell does he do that, sort of controlled bussing)

Testimony of Robert J.

"Original and very relevant approach"

It is very complete and approached in an unusual way. Understanding how a high-level guitarist approaches his instrument is really exciting!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

No more hesitation!!

Testimony of Marc B.

"The level is very high."

The contents are complete. It is hopeless to see the ease with which the guitarists of Selmer # 607 are playing on the guitar. It gives an idea of the way to go to achieve a little ease in improvisations. You already have a good level of theoretical and practical knowledge.

I'm even more immersed in gypsy music. It will end up blocking the level of my life as a couple 🙂 I always work more. Sure, I'm making progress. Selmer #607 are for something. My listening to Gypsy standards is evolving. I try to find more efficient ways in my approaches to standards, chorus, in the way to attack the strings, to seek my own sound...

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Try the adventure, you will have something left

Testimony of Jean-Marc L.

"Excellent, unique sources of information on the part of several gypsy jazz talents."

Excellent, informative, pedagogical and iconoclastic.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

A unique amount of teaching by the talents met and the number of musicians interviewed.

Testimony of Nicolas P.

"Not bad!"

The intimate side is top, I am very interested in the places where the guys live for example, their course and influences. The volume Moignard is very good and his explanations very precise. The chords of Rocky, that's top, it would have had to do more play on the Anatole or something like that, because the one feels that he is having fun and comes out of sick stuff

The site is very good, super videos, the PDFs are very beautiful. It's very good quality work, the sound, the video, it's very clean and beautiful to see. Ghali has a knack for giving good humour and transcribing what some say is very pedagogical.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?
Frankly I don't know, it depends on his level.

Testimony of Renaud G.

"The concept is awesome"

The content is very interesting, especially the way of each to see the improv.

Thanks for everything!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

Go ahead! The discovery of the personalities of the artists is really great!

Testimony of Yann L.

"Very well"

Already, Bravo for the work done. Bravo to Ghali for his efforts to try to make some of the guests talk. As Adrien Moignard Has things to say, a step back on his practice and therefore brings much, as much Antoine Boyer and Rocky are dry. So their videos are less interesting, although they still bring a little content (Thanks Ghali!).

Bravo for the job. There are a lot of offers on the Web, paid or free, but the Selmer 607 school brings a kind of intimacy with the artists who is nice.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?

It's nice to get into the intimacy of great guitarists, to learn more about their course and, above all, about their approach to music, the way they work.

Testimony of Philippe P.

"Good humour and quality videos!"

I like videos and different approaches according to the guitarist interviewed. I like the advice on the holding of the guitar, the picks... I like the proposed plans, the chord dictionaries, the scales and arpeggios used.

The content is interesting and rich! Thank you for the work you hire to share your passion. I record and I sometimes mount videos with my group and I measure the work and the hours spent in front of the computer!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?
Very interesting in terms of gypsy culture to discover and better know these great guitarists. This new training is very rewarding. It makes it possible to pass a new landing. The videos offered are a real challenge on how to approach Gypsy jazz and how to grasp and use the guitar! Hours of scratches and manipulation to come...

Testimony of François M.

"Rather complete, varied and a lot of content"

It's top!!!!!!

What would you say to someone who is hesitating about joining the Selmer #607 School?
That it is rich.... Varied, pleasant to see and listen to

Testimony of Thomas E.

Do you have a question?

What level of guitar does it take to follow this training?

This training is aimed at intermediate and advanced guitarists. A beginner can still find a lot of useful information but to understand the best of all the concepts covered in the training, it is better to have already some bases in gypsy jazz guitar.

If you have a doubt, you can try for 30 days and choose to continue or stop if it does not suit you or that the courses are not adapted to your level. You have a 30-day satisfied or refunded warranty that is made for this!

Do I have to have a gypsy guitar?

It is not necessary. Many students in this training use folk, classical or electric guitars for example. The sound will be a little less typed gypsy but nothing prevents you from following the videos and implementing the tips.

How long does the training last?

This training has no specific duration. It's kind of the Gypsy jazz Bible. All the soloists will explain their musical journey, how they have done to reach their excellent level and will give you full of advice and exercises through the various modules (technique, improvisation, scales, chords, arpeggios, plans, Pump, rhythm...)

There is no chronological order to follow the training. It is up to you to go through the information that interests you and to dig the tracks of work, inspiration and the exercises they give you. It's up to you to apply them to the instrument. The Selmer #607 School is a bottomless pit of primordial information. It's all at your fingertips.

Do you have to pay the registration every year?

Not. You only pay once (in a single payment or in several instalments) and you will then have access to the content for life. Courses are hosted on the Internet, so there is no risk of losing content in the event of a computer breakdown.

How do I access the courses after the order?

All courses are available on a private website. After you have ordered the training you will receive an email containing the access link as well as a nickname and a password to log in.

I'm afraid of not being able to follow at the right pace, I don't have enough time right now

There is no pace of work to follow. It is you who choose your own rhythm to follow the courses.

Access is valid for life. So you can register right away and start taking classes later when you have more time available.

How does the warranty work?

You have 30 days to test the training, watch the courses in video and put it all in application on your guitar. If you ever realize that the content is not suitable for you, that you do not have the level to understand or otherwise, just send us an email explaining the reason for what does not suit you and you will be reimbursed within a few days.

If you have questions about this course or its content and you have not found the answer on this page or in the presentation video, you can contact us directly by mail via The Contact form and we will respond quickly to give you more information.

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