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Learn the guitar with the
gypsy jazz elite

Imagine that you could learn gypsy jazz guitar with the best guitarists of the style and discover all their playing subtleties. You would like to know how they learned the guitar, how they practice it? You would like to know how they handle the instrument, their vision of improvisation, their frequent exercises and all the secrets that allowed them to reach that exceptional musical level?

That's what you’ll discover in the Selmer #607 School ! The new online gypsy jazz school to learn the guitar with the elite of gypsy jazz..

In a casual atmosphere, with interviews, anecdotes and master-classes, You’ll learn everything about the playing style of Adrien Moignard, Sébastien Giniaux, Rocky Gresset, Noé Reinhardt and Antoine Boyer. You will also learn to truly master the subtleties of "la pompe”, (The pair rhythm guitar/bass) with rythm guitarists Ghali Hadefi and David Gastine & double bass players Jeremie Arranger and William Brunard!





Are you in this situation?

You play gypsy jazz, you already know the basics of this music but you can't develop a personal way of playing. You would like to understand how do the great guitarists to play with so much technique, musicality and ease.

You would like to understand all the mechanisms behind making progress and making great improvisations, the "pompe", playing complex chords and especially having fun without being overwhelmed for you and you will never get there.

Imagine that you could acquire all the knowledge of the best guitarists of this style.. It would be a crazy, sick, Titan thing!

In the Selmer #607 School, we have taken into account all these elements to offer you the best possible content that will get you out of this situation!


The Selmer #607 School:

A new concept

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A different pedagogy

You will discover each soloist's personal way of handling the instrument and a new way to capture the music.

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An immersion in the musicians' lives

You will discover the personal world of each guitarist, their lifestyles and their musical journey since their beginning.

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Complete learning

Each soloist of the Selmer #607 collective will reveal all the secrets of his game: improvisation, rythm, licks, chords, technique...

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All the secrets of the Great guitarists

Find out what's going on in the heads and therefore under the fingers of the best soloists of Gypsy jazz.

Comprehensive educational content

In the Selmer #607 School, you will have access for each soloist in different chapters: The pump, the technique, the theory, the improvisation, the rhythm, the plans, the scales, the arpeggios and the chords.

For each chapter you will find about 10 Videos in which they will explain their vision on each of these aspects of the gypsy jazz guitar with many examples to illustrate their advice.

Each soloist also recorded a dozen pieces on video among the greatest standards of gypsy jazz. This therefore represents approximately 50 Unreleased Pieces ! These videos filmed in MultiCam with different angles and close-ups will allow you to observe their technique, their right hand, their left hand and the fact of listening to good music will inspire you for your own game.

You will also have access to many bonuses like pictures of the soloist's studios, backstage pictures, pictures of the mythical guitar, Selmer #607, playbacks, the Selmer integral #607 mp3 download ...


In the Selmer #607 School, we took the party to do something different. The goal is not to give you unplayable or indigestible chorus readings. We want you to be able to understand the bottom of things in order to develop your own music and understand what you are doing.

You will not find any statements in tablatures of these pieces because the goal is not to copy complex improvisations but understand their way of thinkingyou can also create your own personal improvisations.

You will nevertheless find videos in slow motion of these pieces.

Do not worry, you will still have content in tablatures but this one is intended to illustrate the examples and exercises of the different modules.

For our friends who do not speak French we've came prepared: All videos will be available with English subtitles.
And in a more or less near future, the website and the PDF will be available in English and French.


A preview offer

All the educational content of the Selmer 607 School is not yet available. There is still a lot of work to finalize the editing of the videos, finish the PDFs, the translations and the layout of the website. We're still going to need a few months to prepare everything.

In order not to make you wait any longer, we decided to open the inscriptions in preview.

The content will be added gradually to the private site of the Selmer #607 School. Every week you will have access to new videos (between 3 and 5).

If you join the Selmer #607 School today you will have access the first three chapters and to 6 pieces tn video of the soloists Antoine Boyer and Adrien Moignard that is to say 45 Videos!


The three real reasons

1 – We made more than 20 hours of videos

By opening the registrations today, you will be able to access the content gradually. That way, you won't be overwhelmed by too much information at once.

2 – The second reason is that there are many guitarists "who are impatient" and we are often asked where the school is... now that you know almost everything, we prefer to open the registrations now for those who are not really able to wait for the official release.

3 – Finally, the third reason, and that is rather an advantage to you, is that this offer in preview is accessible to a preferential rate because all the content is not yet available! So much more advantageous than the price that will be offered in a few months.


You can download the content currently available here:

The content currently available


An advantageous rate

By joining the Selmer #607 School, you will have access to more than 20 hours of videos, interviews, all the pedagogical chapters (the pump, the technique, the theory, the improvisation, the rhythm, the plans, the scales, the arpeggios and the chords), the bonuses, the PDFs with the scores and tablature and many other things.

Most of these musicians do not give classes or very rarely. So this is an exceptional opportunity that we offer you.

You can discover all the secrets behind how they play !

The average price of one hour of special course with one of these soloists would cost you an average of €40 per hour or even more. For a 20 hours course, so you would invest more than €800. To make their knowledge accessible to as many people as possible, you will be able to access their at a much more advantageous rate !

You can have access to many hours of classes today with these renowned soloists and it is up to you much cheaper than a particular course. Barely the price of a string set per hour of course 🙂

This opening is only valid for a very limited period of timeonly for a few days.

We are not going to be able to manage subscriptions over a long period of time because We're going to have to work twice as hardto finalize all the content. it's going to be a crazy task!

This offer in preview is therefore only valid for one week, Until Sunday 24 September at midnight. After this date we will definitely close the registration until the official opening in several months.


Money-back guarantee

We have worked for months to establish the pedagogical program of the Selmer #607 School. We are very proud to be able to offer you a content that complete. This online guitar school we created it for you and we really want you to be 100% satisfiedwith our school program.

If after joining the Selmer #607 School, you are not satisfied with the content or you realize that it is not suitable for you, we take responsibility. You have 30 days to test this online school , watch the videos and if you are not satisfied, we take responsibility and you will be fully reimbursed.

So you're not taking any chances!

If you still hesitate, sign up and look at all the content. You will be able to apply the advice for one month and make the decision to continue or stop if it is not right for you. You have 30 days to change your mind.

So you'll be sure you made the right choice and you will have no regrets.

Do you know many of you guitar teachers who would give you lessons and then reimburse you if you are not satisfied ? No, it does not exist and yet it is what we offer! If we do this it is because we are convinced of the quality of the courses and we know that you will not be disappointed !

You can take advantage of this first-time offer until:

Monthly subscription

(without commitment, you can terminate your subscription at any time)


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Direct access after the order to the Selmer #607 School

(videos are gradually added to your member space)


Unlimited access for Life

Most advantageous formula


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Direct access after the order to the Selmer #607 School

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Unlimited access for Life

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4 x €89

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Direct access after the order to the Selmer #607 School

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100% secure payment



The private site of the Selmer #607 School

As soon as you have finished your registration, you will receive an email immediately That will allow you to create your username and password to access the private site of the Selmer #607 School. You will then have access to all our content !

The site is accessible from anywhere in the world on the phone, tablet and computer. You just need an Internet connection.

The videos are available in streaming that is to say, you can access it as much as you want but these are not downloadable.


Do you have a question?

If you have questions about this training or its content and you have not found the answer on this page or in the presentation video, you can contact us directly by email on this page and we will respond quickly to give you more information.


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