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Imagine if you could learn gypsy jazz guitar with the best guitarists of the style and discover all their playing subtleties. You would like to know how they learned the guitar, how they practice it? You would like to know how they handle the instrument, their vision of improvisation, their frequent exercises and all the secrets that allowed them to reach that exceptional musical level?

That's what you’ll discover in the Selmer #607 School ! The new online gypsy jazz school to learn the guitar with the elite of gypsy jazz..

In a casual atmosphere, with interviews, anecdotes and master-classes, you’ll learn everything about the playing style of Adrien Moignard, Sébastien Giniaux, Rocky Gresset, Noé Reinhardt and Antoine Boyer. You will also learn to truly master the subtleties of "la pompe”, (The pair rhythm guitar/bass) with rythm guitarists Ghali Hadefi and David Gastine & double bass players Jeremie Arranger and William Brunard!

A new concept

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A different educational approach

You will discover each soloist's personal way of handling the instrument and a new way to capture the music.

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An immersion in the musicians' lives

You will discover the personal world of each guitarist, their lifestyles and their musical journey since their beginning.

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Complete learning

Each soloist of the Selmer #607 collective will reveal all their secrets: from improvisation, rhythm, licks, chords, technique...

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All the secrets of the Great guitarists

Find out what's going on in the minds and therefore the fingers of the best soloists of gypsy jazz.

How to access it?

Registrations for the Selmer #607 School are currently closed.

To be notified as soon as the registration is reopened, you can register on the VIP list of the Selmer #607 School . Just click on the button below and indicate your first name and email.

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